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Russian Mi 24 over Sevastapol 6th March 2014

Welcome to the timripley.co.uk home page.

Please take the time to look through these web pages to find out more about how I can help you identify and understand key issues in the confusing and complex world of defence or enhance your existing coverage and content.

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Recent Articles

Ukraine Crisis 2014

Operation Donbas
30th May 2014

• Operation Crimea '14 Update
18th March 2014 (PDF)

Ukraine-Russia Military Stand Off
18th March 2014 (PDF)

Ukrainian Armour Moves to Border with Russia
IHS Jane's Defence Weekly - 17th March 2014 (PDF)

Russian Artillery Moves to Crimea
IHS Jane's Defence Weekly 14th March 2014 (PDF)

Past Articles


Sunday Telegraph RAF Afghan bombing missions


Sunday Telegraph Gulf arms sales surge (PDF)


Allied Chain of Command Libya Theatre
22nd March 2011 (PDF)

Libya Crisis NATO and Coalition Air Deployments
22nd March 2011 (PDF)

Allies Launch SEAD Campaign over Libya
Jane's Defence Weekly, 21st March 2011 (PDF)

UK looks to extend Nimrod R.1 service
Jane's Defence Weekly, 16th March 2011 (PDF)

Western militaries conduct NEO missions out of Libya
Jane's Defence Weekly, 4th March 2011 (PDF)

Defence Cuts

Daily Telegraph MOD helicopter troops put troops in peril (PDF)

Background Features

UK Air Arms Aircraft and Helicopter inventory 2007 (PDF)

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